Social Responsibility

Discovery Natural Resources is committed to conducting all business ethically, legally and in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible. Strong governance depends upon the performance of our people, adherence to our policies and practices and, quite simply, supporting all employees and staff to do what is right. We measure, communicate and act on issues related to the environment, community, health and safety in a manner which is proactive and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and minimizes environmental impacts.


Although we drill thousands of feet below where water is located in the ground, Discovery regularly tests water sources to ensure operations are not having an impact on nearby water supplies for human and agricultural uses. Our testing programs go beyond state requirements.


Discovery also ensures that the soil surrounding our wells is not impacted by our drilling operations. We routinely collect baseline soil samples from areas before drilling begins, and like our water testing program, our soil testing program goes well beyond what is required by the states in which we operate.


Our completion operations require that we use water to help extract oil and gas deposits from the ground. Recognizing that water conservation is an important part of being environmentally responsible, Discovery has invested in designing systems that recapture the water it uses so it can be recycled onsite and used again in future well operations.


We employ techniques that seek to minimize any disturbance on the surface around our wells, including air and water emissions, and use only the land we absolutely need to use. This includes reducing the amount of roads or other structures associated with our operations. We also erect fencing when appropriate to protect local wildlife. If necessary, we will move our operations to ensure the safety of animals and integrity of the landscape. Discovery’s goal is to always reclaim land to its original state once operations are completed in a specific area.


Discovery works with local municipalities and state agencies to ensure all roadways we create for our job sites in the field are within specified guidelines and agreements. We maintain and repair roads on our own and do not utilize any state or local tax monies for these purposes.